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Keynote 1: Managing Global Pandemic
Way Kuo's avatar
Professor Way Kuo Hong Kong

US National Academy of Engineering

City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong

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Keynote 2: Fault Injection, and It’s Relationship to Software Testing
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Dr. Jeffrey Voas USA

FIEEE, Past President 2019

IEEE Reliability Society, USA

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Keynote 3: Reliability Engineering: Today and Beyond
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Professor Mohammed Modarres USA

Engineering and Director, Center for Risk and Reliability

University of Maryland, USA

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Keynote 4: Engineering for Resilience: Beyond Reliability and Health Management
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Professor Ali Mosleh USA

B. John Garrick Institute for the Risk Sciences

University of California, Los Angeles, USA

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Keynote 5: Shaping a Forward-Looking Quality Profession
Thong Ngee Goh's avatar
Professor Thong Ngee Goh Singapore

Dean of Engineering
Director, Office of Quality Management

National University of Singapore, Singapore

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Keynote 6: On-Line Monitoring and Diagnosis of Complex Data
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Professor Zhao-Jun Wang China

School of Statistics and Data Science

Nankai University, China

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Keynote 7: Data Modelling and Monitoring in Additive Manufacturing: Opportunities and Challenges
Bianca Maria Colosimo's avatar
Professor Bianca Maria Colosimo Italy

Department of Mechanical Engineering

Politecnico di Milano, Italy

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Keynote 8: Predictive Maintenance in Multimodal Transportation: a “System of Systems” Challenge
Pierre Dersin's avatar
Dr. Pierre Dersin France, Sweden

RAM Director and PHM Director at Alstom Digital Mobility, Saint-Ouen, France

Adjunct Professor in Operations & Maintenance at Luleå University of Technology University, Sweden

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Keynote 9: Towards Autonomours Systems that Provide Fault Detection, Diagnostics, Prognosis and Repair Assets
Clive Roberts's avatar
Professor Clive Roberts UK

Director, Birmingham Centre for Railway Research and Education

Railway Systems, University of Birmingham, UK

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Keynote 10: Active Risk Control Methodologies for High-Speed Train Operations Process
Yong Qin's avatar
Professor Yong Qin China

Vice Dean, State Key Laboratory of Rail Traffic Control and Safety

Beijing Jiaotong University, China

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