Call for Patrons

As a key enabling technology for reliability system engineering, Prognostics and Health Management (PHM) has attracted interest of many industry sectors due to its potential engineering practical significance and economic value. In order to promote PHM technical collaborations among experts from industry, academia, and government, Prof. Michael Pecht (University of Maryland, College Park) and Prof. Rui Kang (Beihang University) jointly launched the PHM conference in 2009. Sponsored by IEEE Reliability Society, the history of PHM conference can be traced back to 2010, where the first PHM conference was held in Macau, China. Now, the PHM conference has become the top PHM forum in Asia-Pacific area to connect with leaders of PHM around the world.

PHM-2020 conference will be held in Shanghai, from October 16-18, 2020. The purpose of PHM-2020 Shanghai is to serve as a premier interdisciplinary forum for PHM experts in a wide variety of applications including aerospace, electronics, energy, transportation, automotive, and others. In addition, the conference will organize PHM Industry Summit, where more companies can join this great event and demonstrate their products and PHM solutions. In general, we expect more than 400 people will attend the conference. Our goal is to establish the high-level Government-Business-University-Research platform in PHM-2020 Shanghai.

At this moment, we sincerely invite colleagues and companies from fault diagnosis, system health management, reliability, maintainability, and system safety fields to join this grand meeting, so as to further push the application and development of PHM technologies.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Gold: $1,500

Platinum: $2,500

Diamond: $5,000 and up

Named Sponsorship Opportunities

For more details, please contact the conference organizer: [email protected]